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Carton Package

The carton packaging code has extremely high requirements on the specifications, clarity, aesthetics and adhesion of the ink. Beautiful packaging is the most attractive promotion method. The exquisite packaging and high-resolution and beautiful inkjet logo can attract customers' attention and trust.

“Low-resolution printers are increasingly unable to meet the packaging industry's need for coding and marking. Loogal 600×600 resolution printing and printing systems can achieve the same results as printing, making your products It will not give customers a bad impression because of the coding effect.

“From primary packaging to outer packaging to batch packaging, product packaging is often diverse in material and shape. Loogal has a variety of printers and inks to suit your needs.

“One Piece One Code” gives each product a unique two-dimensional code. In the process of production, warehousing, logistics and retail, every code must be scanned and uploaded to the cloud, and the original isolated links are connected through the software system to realize the factory and production line. The whole process of warehouse, logistics, and sales terminals is traced back. Further, through big data analysis, optimizing production, reducing inventory, improving circulation, forecasting customer needs, and developing promotional programs are the foundations for the industry 2025.

1. market
Carton packaging, bag packaging, bottle packaging.
2. Print content
Production date, expiration date, batch number, shift number, company logo, barcode, QR code
3. Material
Carton material, plastic material, PVC, metal packaging, carton, aluminum foil, cap/polypropylene polyethylene, etc.
4. Market demand
High-speed printing, beautiful printing, anti-counterfeiting and anti-stringing.

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