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Carton factory printing

On December 4, 2007, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine decided to implement electronic supervision on key products that were included in the production license for industrial products and compulsory product certification (CCC), giving each product a unique electronic supervision code, namely “ One piece of code, it is like issuing an identity card to the goods, referred to as the supervision code.

“One Piece One Code” gives each product a unique two-dimensional code. In the process of production, warehousing, logistics and retail, every code must be scanned and uploaded to the cloud, and the original isolated links are connected through the software system to realize the factory and production line. The whole process of warehouse, logistics, and sales terminals is traced back. Further, through big data analysis, optimizing production, reducing inventory, improving circulation, forecasting customer needs, and developing promotional programs are the foundations for the industry 2025.

In modern industrial production, carton packaging is one of the most important packaging methods, widely used in beverage, express, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

How to implement a variable QR code on the carton?

We offer exclusive "one box of eight yards" (4 outer box code 4 inner box code) synchronous offline coding and high speed online printing (300 m / min) and solutions to provide scanning, coding, detection, and rejection of the overall solution.

1. market
Food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and building materials.
2. Print content
Logistics barcode, promotion barcode, production date, effective date, product number, product label, production line number, employee number.
3. Material
White cardboard, coated paper, corrugated paper, coated carton, coated outer box.
4. Market demand
Anti-counterfeiting traceability industry in the domestic rise and the popularity of bar code promotion programs, print a box of one yard, production date, effective date, product number, product label, production line number, employee number and other narrow information can choose NONOJET, SMARTJET, EASYJET, EC series models. Print monochrome wide-format information, supervisory codes, pictures, etc. Printable variable information can be selected from M22 and CodeJet series models.

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·Carton factory one box one yard printing

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