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In modern industrial production, plastic soft film is one of the most important packaging methods, widely used in bags, boxes, boxes, labels, bottles and other packaging forms, widely used in beverages, express delivery, food and drug, chemical and other industries.

 On December 4, 2007, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine decided to implement electronic supervision of key products that were included in the industrial product production license and compulsory product certification (CCC) management. The electronic supervision code of the product is unique, that is, “one code at a time”. It seems that the identity card of the product is referred to as the supervision code.

One piece of code "one box, one yard" and "one bag and one yard" opened the whole link of incoming materials, production, warehousing, logistics and sales, and connected the original retail, warehousing, production and circulation links to each other. The whole process can be traced back. It is convenient to query the product through the software system to the factory, the production line, and when it is produced. When the warehouse is delivered to that retail point, customers like to buy explosive products are those.. ....

Our company is one of the earliest companies involved in the development and production of electronic packaging code variable packaging printing equipment. The whole process has experienced the "drug electronic supervision code / fertilizer electronic supervision code / seed electronic supervision code / pesticide electronic supervision code", in medicine, food The fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, and fast-moving consumer goods industries have accumulated rich experience in project implementation.

For the plastic film industry, we have online high-speed printing solutions and packaging field assignment solutions that solve problems from different angles.

1. market
Food, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, plastics, etc.
2. Print content
Single number, batch number, date, expiration date, text, barcode, and 2D barcode.
3. Material
Opp, cpp, pa, pvc, pet, pe, kopp, kpa, etc.
4. Market demand
Variable data, high speed printing, anti-counterfeiting

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