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The all-variable printing system has a price of hundreds of millions of dollars, which makes printing companies discouraged, and the cost of consumables is high, the investment recovery period is extremely long, and the investment risk is huge. However, more than 90% of customers' demand for variable printing does not require a full-scale change, but only a certain part of the full-size image needs to be changed. Therefore, printing with partial area variable images based on traditional printing can best satisfy this part. Demand.

 While retaining the customer's existing printing line, you only need a fraction of a full variable printing system, even a few hundredths of an investment, you can fully meet the customer's need for partial variable image personalized printing, and because The print area is only part of the full image, so the consumables are extremely cost effective.

Loogal is the leading system supplier for variable data transformation in the commercial printing industry. Whether you need to print variable customer information, personalized marks, variable images, or print barcodes or forms on printed materials, Road Song can provide economical Effective inkjet solutions with speeds from 30m/m to 125m/m and widths from 12.7mm to 304mm, from monochrome to true color, Luke has proven solutions and complete implementations.

1. Market
Food, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and building materials.
2. Print content
Shelf life, lot number, ingredients, logo, barcode and 2D barcode.
3. Material
White cardboard, coated paper, coated cardboard, hard plastic, rolled film, etc.
4. Market demand
Variable data printing, high speed printing.

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