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The company has always been people-oriented and respects talents. A high-efficiency, high-quality talent team is the foundation for ensuring the progressive development of the company. Our company adheres to the concept of honesty and diligence, and each employee of the company uses this as a foothold to develop and improve their own capabilities. Based on honesty, we treat our customers with sincerity and strive to do our best to meet the requirements of our customers and create more value for ourselves. Treating the boss, we are honest, and telling the boss about the truth can make the boss make the most correct judgment. Treating colleagues, we sincerely share our sincerity with our sincerity to ensure the team's high quality and efficient operation. The three feet of freezing are not the cold of the day. Every employee of our company takes the hard work of the company to create a profit for each enterprise.

Talent Concept

Shanghai Loogal Headquarters is located in Yanqiao Town, Minhang District, which is known as the Shanghai Back Garden. The company offers highly competitive salary and benefits, flexible working system and many other advantages! The Road Song logo treats all employees equally. We do not discriminate against any candidate or employee regarding race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, color, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or retirement status. We are committed to providing a workplace without any discrimination or harassment.

Recruitment position

Interested parties can send their resume to the email address: info@loogal.com, our company will carefully check, we will contact you in time to meet the requirements!

  • Regional sales manager

    Working years: more than one year
    Education: College

    1, Male or female;
    2. Experience in sales of printers is preferred;
    3. Have a high enthusiasm for sales work;
    4. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
    5. Tough personality, quick thinking, good resilience and pressure bearing capacity.
    6. Can adapt to frequent business trips.

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